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Straight Lines of the Galaxy:

Edition II Volume 1; Part A, Part B, Part C

The 12 immaterial straight lines that astrologers draw across the Milky Way affirm Plato’s view that Ideas underpin all (especially astronomical) manifestation. Out of the zodiac’s Platonic ‘standing wave’ frequencies we notice two ‘emergences’, (i) 12 x 4 (sign, planet, aspect, house) = 48 ‘basic astrological expressions’ and (ii) 12 + 11 +… = 78 ‘basic archetypal interactions’. The current view of causality being no more than a mental construct sets up Platonic centroversion as the next paradigm.

Edition II Volume 2; Part A, Part B, Part C

Freud held the view that the developmental psychodynamic, “sublimation”, is not easily accessible for most discontented civilized folk. If Freud had agreed with FA that his “genital phase” – the teenage phase of sexual instinct organization – translates to “earthy sublimation”, he would likely have agreed with FA that this psychodynamic is also not easily accessed. Melanie Klein sourced this dis-ease to “fixations” within “projective identifications” that can be as gestational as they are infantile.

VOL 1 – PART 1/2: the Zodiac & Science

This article ‘integrates’ the articles posted over 2008; it serves to remind our readers that FA’s primary focus is ‘rotational astrology’. It also serves to remind benevolent skeptics that, if one applies his/her terms in a philosophically ‘correct’ way, (i) ‘science’ and ‘religion’ are equally ‘irrational’ (“David Hume: 101”) and (ii) ‘full rationality’ requires extensive/intensive understanding of the feeling function.

Vol 1 Part 1 and 2

VOL 1 – PART 3/4: the Zodiac & Psychology

This article ‘integrates’ the articles posted over 2008/9; it serves to remind our readers that academic/clinical psychology is perpetrating a kind of etymological theft. Psychology means the study of the soul and, given that the soul is immaterial, the study of neurotransmitters, observable behaviour etc. needs to be given another name. This oversight has ’caused’ post-Freudian flirtations with cognitive science.

Vol 1 Part 3 and 4

VOL 1 – PART 5/6: the Zodiac & Religion

This article ‘integrates’ the articles posted over 2009; it serves to remind our readers that we disagree with Jung’s modest discouragements regarding ‘religious tourism’ i.e. Jung took the view that Western monotheists do best to focus on their heritage; FA, however, takes the view that, without a strong sense of reincarnation (as distinct from resurrection), the spiritual feminine will remain misunderstood.

Vol 1 Part 5 and 6

VOL 2 – PARTS 1 & 2: the SUPEREGO (topographic; relationship to supraego)

The tropical zodiac, although a “City of God”, doesn’t automatically ‘redeem’ the horoscopic “cross” upon which it descends. “Hoping and wishing” for collective redemption is not a sane bet. The ‘f/Falling’ individual does much better to ‘register’ his/her karmic pathway, beginning with an understanding of the extent and quality of his/her matriarchal M.C. “inert identity” (diametrically from the I.C.). If so, s/he will reduce “unnecessary suffering” within the ‘eastern’ houses of the horoscope.

Vol.2 pts. 1 & 2

VOL 2 – PARTS 3 & 4: the SUPER-PERIEGO (t→d; relationship to transego)

If, after failing to ‘register’ his/her topographic-M.C., the individual also fails to ‘register’ his/her Capricornian/Saturnian (periego-ic) loci of fear ‘under’ his/her topographic superego, s/he becomes ‘trapped’ within an undifferentiated, conflated (i.e. hypocritical) ‘worldview’. If, however, the individual develops a ‘9-ish’ synoptic capacity, s/he begins to imagine ways to ‘bridge’ his/her “bookends of fear”… and, in turn, reduce (rather than increase) karma and “unecessary suffering”.

Vol.2 pts. 3 & 4

VOL 2 – PARTS 5 & 6: the PERI-EGO (dynamic; paths of attenuation)

There are a number of ways that the individual can ‘synopsize’ his/her ‘heroic’ ego development. The transit of Saturn is one of these but, because it is a ‘miserable surface’ of/for ego development, it ‘frustrates’. Thus, the individual needs to ‘fill in’ his/her ‘cycle of attrition’ ASAP e.g. with the (“progressed”) Venus and the Moon’s-Sun’s intercycle. If so ‘filled in’, s/he is well on the way to avoiding the burden of yet another ‘karmic pregnancy’… especially if s/he can also self-overcome his/her ‘ig’.

Vol.2 pts. 5 & 6

VOL 3 – PARTS 1 & 2: the IG (topographic; Freud-Klein-Neumann-Fordham)

The ascendant, the symbol of “birth-in-a-birth-chart” (i.e. the self-recognitive “primary-integrate”, “mask-persona” etc.), is usually the first ‘angle’ interpreted in a ‘chart reading’. Yet, if we imagine this angle being ‘fed’ by (the unknowingness of) (i) personal karmic (ii) fractured karmic & (iii) impersonal karmic factors ‘f/Falling’ through the 4th quadrant, it becomes possible to see the ascendant in terms of an “ig-marine core” being ordered by an “M.C.-superego”… “see you on the beach”.

Vol.3 pts. 1 & 2

VOL 3 – PARTS 3 & 4: the PERI-IG (from topography to Jungian-dynamism)

When the time is ‘Good’ for Platonic insights to overpin Freudian insights, the individual will, hopefully, already know of the difference between individualism and individuation i.e. the former easily succumbs to opportunistic, timocratic (ab)-use of the biased ‘mask’; the latter focuses on the journey beyond mask(s) to wholeness and private destiny. To some extent, creative connections between these two can be made out of 1st archetypal expressions ‘beyond’ the ascendant e.g. Mars, 30º arc of Aries.

Vol. 3 pts. 3 & 4

VOL 3 – PARTS 5 & 6: the PERI-IG CYCLE (from “ig-id” to “sex-‘n’-death”)

In ‘traditional’ astrology, Mars ‘rules’ ‘8 Scorpio’. Although this tradition does make good astronomical sense (i.e. Sun rules Leo; Mercury rules Virgo; Venus rules Libra…), rocky Mars is never going to be happy running up to a sign that ‘resonates’ black holes and immaterial values. On the way to ‘8’, it makes ‘Good’ Platonic sense to round up the “usual suspects” of clockwising devilry i.e. collectivism, nationalism, populism, imperialism, wrath, greed, sloth, gluttony, envy, lust, pride.

Vol. 3 pts. 5 & 6

VOL 4: Pts. 1 & 2: the ID (topographic; prior to sublimation)
Although the 7th house is the home of the “real relationship” (i.e. “projection” occurs into all the houses but, in the 7th house, the need for recognition and retrieval is more visible), we can only make ‘good’ “real relationships” when we have come to understand the subtleties of the 4th house’s “semi-real-relationship” (Freud’s “family romance”; Jung’s “the soup”). The heroic path from ’10-11-12 inert/passive identity’ through ‘1-2-3 projective identification’ to the ‘7 ego’ has a critical ‘4 pit-stop’.

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Vol 4: Pts. 3 & 4: the ID-into-PERI-ID (topographic-to-dynamic)
Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the full Moon in Libra. Astrologically (i.e. symbolically), the Moon can be seen as ‘running ahead’ of the Sun in Aries and, in doing so, ‘lighting up’ the Sun’s upcoming (6 month) heroic path through Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra. Indeed, there is a sense in which all 12 new Moon to full Moon semi-cycles ‘light up’ the Sun’s heroic path e.g. a new Moon in Virgo to a full Moon in Aries is a kind of ‘heliocentric heroism’ for the “night sea journey”.

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Vol 4: Pts. 5 & 6: the PERI-ID (dynamic; into “quintessence”)
In these 21stC days, most schools of depth psychology take Jung’s description of Freud as a “reductive” analyst as incorrect. Via the insight of post-Freudians (e.g. Melanie Klein) and post-Jungians (e.g. Michael Fordham), it is now clear that Freud was also working “synthetically”. The Moon (as ‘opposed’ to Cancer/the I.C.) can be considered the ‘fiery’ aspects of ‘4 water’ and, as such, it can emphasize the synthetic side of emotional development; especially if it is ‘hooked into’ the Sun and its cycle.

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VOL 5 – PARTS 1 & 2: the EGO (topographic; “quintessence” to “septessence”)
For FA, the 7th house symbolizes the (“centroverted”) ‘thinking ego’. Because C.G. Jung did not include centroversion in his classification system, it is reasonable to assume that he did not achieve it; rather, he seemed to get ‘stuck’ in his 5th house, slashing Mercurially away at the masculine end of the “problem of opposites”. This means that Freud remains relevant as “transformation” issues spill over from life’s morning to life’s afternoon. A “real spouse” will resist being a perpetual “hook”.

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VOL 5 – PARTS 3 & 4: the EGO into META-EGO (topographic-to-dynamic)
The primary realm of ‘acausality’ & ‘religion’ is the ’11-12-1′ foetal-newborn sequence. As the cycle ‘f/Falls’ into the ‘2-3-4’ infant sequence, things become rather more ‘causal’ & ‘scientific’. If these sequences conflate, ‘acausal’ “magical thinking” gets clumsily mixed up with ‘causal’ “control” & all hell breaks loose. Although this conflation is “dissolved & re-coagulated” (i.e. healed) via the development of a child-adult ’rounded’ “ego”, the question persists: does God view the Earth as a hospital?

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VOL 5- PARTS 5 & 6: the META-EGO (dynamic: toward “nonessence”)
The Cathars were-(are) a heretical sect that saw the Earth more as purgatory than as a hospital i.e. creatively combining ‘acausality’ & ‘causality’ in order to cook up ‘meta-causality’ wasn’t a part of their agenda. As a result, Cathars saw the world as an eternal perpetuation of 6 groups, (i) perfect (ii) believers (iii) listeners (iv) non-listeners (v) (“I’m just-taking-orders” anti-believer) persecutors, and (vi) authorities for persecution. A Cathar who has a mind to fight back is, of course, a fake Cathar.

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