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What to look out for, and when to expect it. Future editions will become available at the beginning of each  month – enjoy!


Astro-diary IX: ’10-10′                                                                   Oct/2020

Saturn has been transiting the sign that it rules, Capricorn, for some time now. Perhaps this discussion is a bit late but better-late-than-never because, soon, Saturn will form tricky squared aspects to Mars and Uranus (see,  ‘April/2020′). Now might also be a good time to discuss ’10’ aspecting itself because, in Libra, the Solar hero is ‘balanced’ but the scales of ’10-10′ always risk tipping too far toward conservatism.

Astro-diary VIII: ‘6-7’                                                                      Sep/2020

From 6/9/2020 to 29/9/2020, Mercury, the ruler of ‘3 Gemini’ and ‘6 Virgo’, will transit ‘7 Libra’, one of the signs ruled by Venus. Venus will return Mercury’s serve when it enters ‘6 Virgo’ on 3/10/2020. These few weeks are an opportune time to look at these dual rulerships and consider the ‘comet-like’ journey from the orbit of Saturn ‘down’ to the orbits of Venus and Mercury and, then, ‘back up’ to Saturn.

Astro-diary VII: ‘4-5’                                                                       Jul/2020

Images of the Sun and the Moon are prominent features of alchemical texts. This makes good sense especially in respect of the Sun because modern astro-physics revealed that gold is made in the stars. This year’s new Moon in Leo, on 19/8/2020, is not only <2º conjunct Mercury but also 45º semi-square Venus and, as such, Jungian analysands may experience the odd golden dream… with a hint of royal incest.

Astro-diary VI: ’12-1′                                                                        Jun/2020

Although the ’12-1 interaction’ symbolizes a willingness to dip ‘back’ into the collective unconscious, both Freudian and Jungian psychotherapists would counsel their analysands against doing so, especially if they have yet to build the ‘foundation’ for transformation in their (respective) 2nd quadrants. When built, the ‘foundation’ ensures that the opposites from the ‘deep’ can combine without making ‘war’.

Astro-diary V: ‘3-4’                                                                           May/2020

In Greek mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods but, in astronomy-astrology, because it is never more than 27º away from the Sun, there is a sense that Mercury is more specifically interested in messages from the Sun. If, in addition, we notice that Gemini is adjacent Cancer in the zodiac, we get a sense that Mercury’s messages from the Sun need to take the Moon’s ‘refractions’ into account.

Astro-diary IV: ‘5-11’                                                                         Apr/2020

On 26/4/20, the central Sun (Sun-Earth axis, actually) ‘transits’ to its year-in-year-out conjunction with eccentric Uranus that, for the next 7 years or so, is rolling through Taurus. The Sun’s transit will shed some springtime light on the interaction of earthy Taurus & airy Uranus. Autumntime Solar light availed on 31/10/2020 (Sun opposing Uranus) assists the preview of 2021’s earthy Saturn-square-airy Uranus.

Astro-diary III: ‘8-9’                                                                        Mar/2020

On the 5/4/20, Jupiter forms the “aspect” with Pluto that, three months prior, Saturn had formed i.e. a conjunction in Capricorn (as per ‘Jan/2020’ above). Given that a prior consideration of the meaning of Saturn-in-aspect-to-Pluto is a good idea, it is a pity that this transit peaks almost three months after ‘8-10’ rather than three months before. Still, we can recall Jupiter’s recent transit through Scorpio in 2018.

Astro-diary II: ’12-12′                                                                     Feb/2020

On 20/2/20, for the first time in some centuries, all ‘planets’ (i.e. including the Sun/Moon) will be transiting the Capricorn-to-Taurus arc of the zodiac. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn will ‘pick up’ Neptune in Pisces by “sextile”. This “complex” is likely to highlight the character of the ’12-12 interaction’ (e.g. Neptune in Pisces; Pisces on the 12th house cusp) and, in turn, what FA calls ‘gestationalism’.

Astro-diary I: ‘8-10’                                                                          Jan/2020

Because of its ‘double up’ of the 10th archetype, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn (‘8-10-1-10’) that builds through the Xmas-to-new-year period of 2020 (peaking on 12/1/20) is likely to highlight the character of all ‘8-10 interactions’ (e.g. 2001’s Saturn opposite Pluto; Saturn in Scorpio). Given Pluto’s link to regeneration and Saturn’s link to fear, it is prudent to consider the meaning of ‘8-10’ beforehand.

Introduction: Astro-diary                                                                 Dec/2019

(Freud)-astrologers are ‘interaction-ologists’. For example, we could describe the transit of Jupiter through Capricorn – beginning on 2/12/19 – as an ‘interaction’ of the 9th & 10th archetypes (i.e. a ‘9-10 interaction’). This description also applies to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction – on the 22/12/20 – although, noting that this occurs in Aquarius, it is perhaps more accurate to call this a ‘9-10-(1)-11 complex’.


Astro-diary X: ‘9-10’                                                                            Nov/2020

Jupiter forms its conjunction with Saturn once every 20 years. There is a sense in which Jupiter is ‘re-sired’ by Saturn at this time and, if we expand on this myth, it is also a time when, with the help of mother-Rhea, Jupiter-(Zeus) would do better to go into hiding until he is grown enough to overthrow his father. We don’t go so far, however, to discourage Jupiter from his modus operandi of making ‘connections’.