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Happy New Year!

dear reader,

happy new year!! FA will soon be celebrating its 14th birthday (d.o.b. 3/3/04) i.e. our 1st Saturn-opposite-Saturn year; in accordance with this watershed, “Four Corners of the Cosmos” will be completed (and posted: see “context” webpage); our self-critical eye, however, has noticed a lack of material on planetary intercyles e.g. Jupiter–Saturn 20yrs; Saturn–Uranus 45yrs etc.; hence, our next Saturnian point of departure…

Symbols of (self & ego) Formation mid-2018

Although Freud and Jung parted ways in 1913, they both would use the term “ego” in their subsequent portrayals of psychical ‘structure’. If this term is properly used, there would be no such thing as a “huge ego” (there are only “huge personas”, “huge selfs” &/or “huge superegos”). Because, like Jung, FA uses neologisms over & above Freud’s “id”, “ego” & “superego”, this new essay cycle begins with a glossary.

Intercycles I: Jupiter-Sun-() from Sagittarius to Capricorn Dec/’18

The upcoming new Moon in Sagittarius, on 7/12/18, forms a wide conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius. At the subsequent full Moon, on 22/12/18, the Sun will have entered Capricorn and, from Jupiter’s ‘height’, Freudastrologers have the chance to assess the difference between ’10-11-12-1 self formation’ and ‘2-3-4-5 ego formation’. 1960 was a good year for Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Jean-luc Godard.

Intercycles II: Mercury from Sagittarius to Aquarius Jan/’19

2018’s (once/12yr) Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius becomes exact on 21/12/18 i.e. when the Sun bottoms out into its winter solstice. By early Feb 2019, Mercury will have entered into its next anterograde conjunction with the Sun… and, so, we could anticipate information being transmitted from Sagittarius to Aquarius. At least, 1961 was a good year for Robert Wise, Ingmar Bergman and Luis Bunuel.

Intercycles III: Mercury’s ‘winter’: from Sagittarius to Pisces Feb/’19

On the 19/2/2019, the Sun enters Pisces, Chiron re-enters Aries and Mercury runs up to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Although some helpful information regarding masochism, narcissism and ‘masochistic-narcissism’ would be expected to ‘surface’ at this time, the ‘diametric objective’ perspective is still 6 months away. At least, 1962 was a good year for David Lean, Francois Truffaut and Sam Peckinpah.

Intercycles IV:

On the 21/3/19