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Prelude – Lies, Damn Lies & Science
Science loves to transgress its self-imposed limits: the reasons that scientists reject astrology – Plato’s archetypes don’t exist (i.e. pure geometry doesn’t influence applied geometry;); limited statistical evidence; the precession of equinoxes: puzzles of the heliocentric view – are the very same reasons that spiritual astrologers rejoice in astrology’s illumination of where fake spirituality stops & real spirituality begins.

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Pre-Context ‘A’ – THE SUN CYCLE Pt.1

There are many mandala images; there are many zodiacs; the tropical zodiac is the “zodiac as drawn by a Solar h/Hero” e.g. Christ. The Sun’s (late-autumn-into) winter journey has the capacity to ‘set up’ a (late-spring-into) summer resurrection. Athiest astrologers need to explain why they use the particular zodiac that they use. FA ( tropical descendant) ponders ‘war’ (‘amorals vs. immorals’) each December.

Sun Cycle Pt.1 Dec 2013

Pre-Context ‘B’ – THE SUN CYCLE Pt.2

When astrology inches toward religion and morality, ‘rotational astrologers’ are quick to ask questions, (i) to what extent does the ‘good-vs-evil’ dyad mirror the ‘anti-clockwise-vs.-clockwise’ dyad (e.g. ‘3-4-5-6-7-8-9’ vs. ‘3-2-1-12-11-10-9’)? (ii) if the Sun’s perpetual anti-clockwise “progression” is ‘good’, can we say that the natal Sun (it “just sits there”) is ‘neutral’? (iii) is a ‘narcissistic-sadistic’ Sun dangerous?

Sun Cycle Pt.2 Dec 2013

Pre-Context ‘C’ – THE SUN CYCLE Pt.3

The key Babel term that grows teeth at ‘3’ (i.e. Gemini, 3rd house, Mercury) is ‘a/im/morality’ e.g. (i) ‘amoral’ refusal to search for soul (e.g. athiesm) (ii) ‘immoral’ residence inside an empty idea of the individual soul (e.g. religious hypocrisy) or (iii) ‘moral’ (Samuel L. Jackson-ish) decision to “walk the earth” and “try real hard” to redeem the soul? Freudastrology ( ascendant) ponders this trinity every June.

Sun Cycle Pt.3 Dec 2013

Pre-Context ‘D’ – MERCURY’S DANCE (around the Sun-cycle)

FA’s ‘ascendant ruler’ is Mercury; either side of June we direct our curiosity towards (natal, transiting, progressed) Mercury. Because (i) Mercury’s ‘matter’ was ‘created’ by supernovas that exploded prior to the ‘creation’ our Sun & (ii) Mercury ‘rules’ both left hemispheric Gemini and right hemispheric (i.e. “transformational”) Virgo, we advise those who aren’t very Mercurial to generate some curiosity for it.

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Pre-Context ‘E’ – VENUS’ DANCE (around the Sun-cycle)

Soon after (tropical) astrologers are imagining Mercury as a “Sun dancer”, they will be imagining the same for Venus. Not unlike Jupiter, Venus helps the Sun as it goes about ‘imagining’ a “mono-myth” in a circumferential way e.g. if Venus is in Gemini, it will ‘fly past’ the Sun in Leo and wind up two or three signs ‘ahead’ of the Sun. Being one of FA’s ‘big’ astrological themes, we will expand on it in ‘Vol.5’.

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