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Astro-diary XXVI: the ‘11-1 interaction’       Jul/2024

If, dear reader, you have digested our “Short Course in Mandala-ology” (Feb 2024), you may have an easier time digesting our view that ‘1’’s desire for a “monism” (“non-dualism”) to triumph interacting with ‘11’’s desire for idealistic perfectionisms is a recipe for Kleinian “splitting”. In mid-July 2024, ‘1 Mars’ will be charging into a conjunction with ‘11 Uranus’. Promethean forethought does well to be on the menu.

Astro-diary XXV: the ‘11-4 interaction’               Jun/2024

The transit and “progression” of the Moon symbolizes the “ensoulment” of the soma in “this life”. Therefore, the Moon’s passage through the 4th quadrant ‘(10)-11-(12)’ symbolizes opportunities to pick up some of the psyche’s gestational “stragglers” and deliver them to the soul’s 2nd quadrant ‘4-(5-6) home’. With ‘11 Aquarius’ as one of the “fixed” signs, ‘4’’s ego-dynamic-time-flowing quality can loosen ‘11’’s “fixity”.

Astro-diary XXIV: the ‘11-3 interaction’       May/2024

Hermes-Mercury might not have sprung from Ouranos-Uranus’ loins, but he still has no trouble hopping up-&-down through the ‘levels’ of un/consciousness. The $64,000Q in respect of ‘3’ jumping into ‘11’ is likely to be: to what extent is the human psyche tricked by the information that it is gathering? Your local Mercurial Jungian will advise as follows, “gather everything, decide nothing, 10,000 reasons to wait”.

Astro-diary XXIII: the ‘9-11 interaction’       Apr/2024

On 21/4/2024, Jupiter will form its once/14yrs conjunction with Uranus. The last time this occurred in Taurus was during WWII. With philosopher being creatures who deal in ‘airy’ logic & ‘fiery’ intuition, times of ‘9-11 interaction’ are opportunities for philosophical beginnings. Bertrand Russell’s notes on this are ‘mis’-taken… with intuition being more inclusive of thinking than vice vera, intuition needs preference.

Astro-diary XXII: the ‘11-2 interaction’       Mar/2024

On the heels of Mars’ 13/2/2024 transit into ‘11 Aquarius’, Venus (i) transited into Aquarius on 16/2/2024, (ii) ran up to its conjunction with Mars on 22/2/2024 (also in Aquarius), and (iii) will form its waning square to transiting Uranus (in Taurus) on 3/3/2024. It makes mythological sense to discuss ‘2-11’ this March because Aphrodite-Venus, springing from ‘11 Ouranos’’ severed loins, ‘beaches’ herself onto ‘2 Taurus’.

A Short Course in Mandala-ology: Pt.I             mid-Feb/2024

The Chinese New Year occurs near the midpoint of Christian (winter solstice) & ‘pagan’ (spring equinox) New Years. The CNY points astrologers to the beginning of the re-descent of ‘soul-spirit’ through the 7 celestial spheres. The Taiji, the Chinese mandala of yin-yang that emphasizes circles & cycles, links the angularity of Western religion to the circularity of the zodiac. FA is entering its 21st year (d.o.b. 3/3/2004).

Astro-diary XXI: the ‘11-11 interaction’ mid-Feb/2024

With Pluto’s substantial entry into Aquarius in 2024, this is a worthwhile year to focus on (what we call) ‘11’: Uranus, Aquarius, the 11th house. Uranus’ most recent transit through Aquarius, the sign that it “rules”, may be two decades behind us, but it remains relevant because we have a crop of twentysomethings who have this ‘11-11’ in their respective natal charts. To what extent is ‘double 11’ ‘doubly neotenous’? 

Ego-Dynamics Pt.XI: From Sagittarius to Capricorn                       Jan/2024

With Homo sapiens’ neoteny making it close to impossible to achieve a full “ego transformation” in one life, ‘one-shot-at-Heaven’ religions can be seen as unrealistic, even without the physicalistic sounding brass & tinkling cymbal litany of the atheists. Reincarnations are best conceived in both physical and psychological terms. After the torturers are mercifully deposed, the ‘vacuum’ can be filled with patient “reflectors”. 

Upcoming Articles

Astro-diary XXVI: the ‘11-8 interaction’       Aug/2024  

On 21/7/2024, there was a full Moon (= a Moon-Sun opposition) near the cusp of Capricorn-Aquarius that formed a conjunction-opposition with Pluto in Aquarius. For the FA-er, the days the spin out from this full Moon (to the following new Moon) are useful to reflect on the fact that this full Moon had ‘picked up’ the current ‘clash’ between the archetype of “low centre”, ‘8’, & the archetype of “high eccentre”, ‘11’.

Astro-diary XXVII: the ‘11-12 interaction’         Sep/2024

Most astrologers interpret conjunctions, such as the conjunction of Uranus & Neptune of 1993, as “seed moments” that flower as the planets involved separate into sextile, square, trine, quincunx and opposite relations to each other. The perfection of Uranus-Neptune sextile won’t be experienced until August 2025, but it is close enough in August 2024 (<2º) to consider the 3rd of the ‘watery 4-8-12’ interactions with ‘11’.

A Short Course in Mandala-ology Pt.II         Oct/2024

Another NY that places the Christian, Chinese and pagan NYs in context is the Jewish Rosh Hashanah. As in the Chinese NY, this NY takes cues from the new Moon but, instead of Western Aquarius, it is new in Libra. This means that it is mixed up in the journey back up-(out) through the 7 celestial spheres. This means that, in addition to the harvest, Rosh Hashanah points to upcoming atonements with the Creator.

Astro-diary XXIX: the ‘11-7 interaction’       Oct/2024

Through 2024’s autumn, September-October-November, Venus makes its way through Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius and comes into opposition to Uranus in Taurus in mid-October. The “reflective space” between Venus and the Sun (the Sun is still ‘back’ in Libra) may help to highlight the difference between ‘7’ & ‘11’, two airy archetypes. It is worthwhile to understand differences prior to imagining outcomes of interaction.

Astro-diary XXVIII: the ‘3-9 interaction’       Nov/2024

On 18/11/2024, Mercury in Sagittarius will transit into its opposition to Jupiter in Gemini (= a triple ‘3-9 interaction’). Fans of “Star Wars” know that “Luke” makes a ‘leap up away’ from sibling issues (“Han” & “Leia” remains stuck in the ‘lows’) to confront his matriarchy-bonded father… only to fall back down. A ‘Sophia-wise’ soul will ever keep an eye on dubious “spiritual short cutting” when ‘3’ interacts with ‘9’. 

Astro-diary XXIX: the ‘11-6 interaction’         Dec/2024

Academic psychology is a naughty discipline. Decades have past and it remains happy to Prometheanly steal “psyche” (“soul”) from “religion” and, having done so, like Freud (another Promethean stealer), it then looks to “explain religion away”. For a time, this mindset kept Freud within the academic circle, but the ‘fracture-philia’ of ‘11 ideology’ can’t hold things together. Without “soul”, ‘11-ish’ “things fall apart”…