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What to look out for, and when to expect it. Future editions will become available at the beginning of each  month – enjoy!


Ego-Dynamics Pt.X: From Scorpio to Sagittarius                            Dec/2023

With Homo sapiens’ significant neoteny – i.e. that which leads to blindness in respect of superego pathology, collectivism, paranoid-schizoid splitting, mob madness – collectivation may never occur. Even if Homo sapiens were to move in its direction, a new problem emerges e.g. the “conscious” agreement of its definition is taken for its reality. An authentic collectivation would involve waiting for the unconscious to react.

Ego-Dynamics Pt. IX: From Libra to Scorpio                                  Nov/2023

Although it can be difficult to believe, Plato took the view that life is easier for the tortured than it is for the torturer. Removing torturers from positions of authority, therefore, is doubly merciful. To arrive at Plato’s view, the individual would not only need to develop all four ego functions but s/he would also need to transform them e.g. s/he begins to understand that even a quintessential view can be ‘over-reductive’.

Ego-Dynamics Pt.VIII: From Virgo to Libra                                       Oct/2023

If the Babel can be deconstructed, the next step is to grasp collectivation. This begins with equality & diplomatic relating in marriage. This beginning is the template for justice & mutual live-and-let-living in civilization, but this is won’t constitute the end of the collectivation matter, not the least because of the in-your-face-ness of life’s unfairness. Hence, additional need for the Sun to access ‘outgoing Mercury & Venus’.

Ego-Dynamics Pt.VII: From Leo to Virgo                                        Sep/2023

A century has now elapsed since the publication of “The Ego & the Id” (1923). The critical distinction for the Freudastrologer (and, we argue, for all psychologists), however, is that between the personality (= negating ‘10 superego’ + initiating ‘1 self’) and ego. In Jungian psychology, this translates to the distinction between collectivism,  individualism and individuation. Without synthetic concepts, the Babel conquers all.

Ego-Dynamics Pt.VI: From Cancer to Leo                                        Aug/2023

For FA, the first question for the Sun’s “progression” into Leo is to what extent this might double up the ‘Icarus threat’. The “Strength” card of the major arcana has something to say about this threat but it could also say something ‘Androclean’. The goal of the hero’s journey might be “centroversion” but, as Jung-the-Leo tells us, the hero also has to ‘7 balance’ all 4 ego functions. Hence, the input of Mercury & Venus.

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Ego-Dynamics Pt.XI: From Sagittarius to Capricorn                          Jan/2024

With Homo sapiens’ neoteny making it close to impossible to achieve a full “ego transformation” in one life, ‘one-shot-at-Heaven’ religions can be seen as unrealistic, even without the physicalistic sounding brass & tinkling cymbal litany of the atheists. Reincarnations are best conceived in both physical and psychological terms. After the torturers are mercifully deposed, the ‘vacuum’ can be filled with patient “reflectors”. 

Ego-Dynamics Pt.XII: From Capricorn to Aquarius                            Feb/2024

With transiting Pluto hovering near the cusp of Aquarius, the depth astrologer might look for synchronous ‘8 intense’ interest in Melanie Klein’s “paranoid-schizoid position” because, for FA, the root of this “position” is the epigenetic-womby interplay of the ‘10 superego’ & ‘11 supraego’. The trouble is, however, that bossy psychologists can’t/won’t admit that they are “identified” with their (not selfs-egos, but) superegos.